Want to help lead the pledges?

Use your smartphone, Chromebook, or other device to make a high quality audio or video recording of yourself reading the following script. Practice first!

  • Choose a quiet spot
  • For video, choose a location without a distracting background
  • For best results, get someone to help you
  • Audio will be best if you’re not wearing a mask, so making the recording at home will produce the best results
  • Recording outside generally does not produce great results because of the wind
  • Listen to your recording and be sure that the audio is clear and that there is minimal background noise

When reading the script, leave plenty of space between lines. It will be edited out in the final product. Be especially careful to wait two seconds after starting the recording before speaking and similarly to wait at the end to stop the recording.


Good Morning Travis Family! 

Please stand for the pledges.

I pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands
one nation
under God
with liberty
and justice
for all.

Honor the Texas flag
I pledge allegiance to thee
one state under God
and indivisible.

Please join us for a moment of silence

How to Share

To upload your result, you have a few choices.

If you use Flipgrid (or you’d like to start), you may join Mr. Dunn’s Pledges group on Flipgrid,

You may upload any audio or video recording to Mr. Dunn’s shared Google Drive folder.

If you have an iPhone and are on campus, stop by the 2nd floor computer lab, and you can airdrop the file to Mr. Dunn.

Thanks! We look forward to your submissions!